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“You’ve Only Got Three Choices in Life: Give Up, Give In, Or Give it All You’ve Got!”

The Fighters Factory Difference

We don’t believe in frills or fluff. As a dedicated boxing gym, we offer real boxing workouts to get you working up a sweat and immersing yourself in the boxing culture. Our boxing gym is the bread and butter of a budding boxing gun. Whether you’re coming in for a workout, a match or want to participate or watch one of our legendary fight nights - The Fighters Factory is your next home away from home.

Say goodbye to excuses and transform your body with our targeted full-body workouts that champion core strength and stamina.

Train as a boxer or go at your own pace with our boxing circuits or learn from the best with our one-on-one training sessions. We guarantee that if you survive our circuits, you’ll be back for more.

Whether you’re in it to lose weight, box competitively, or even learn some self-defence, women and men of all ages are welcome to train at the Fighters Factory. So, keep your head down, hands up and train hard.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

  • George A
    I've found the boxing circuit to be the most intense hour of cardio I've ever experienced. Each session's variations mean it’s never dull or boring. My fitness and health levels are the best they've ever been, while learning the art of boxing. Trained by friendly professionals - best thing I've ever done.
    George A
  • Sherri P
    Fantastic training, I have tried many other boxing gyms, and nothing beats Fighters Factory it is certainly value for money. I travel half an hour just to go to this gym and it’s well worth the drive and training oh and of course the old school feel of this gym makes the atmosphere fun!
    Sherri P
  • Scoops C
    The best workout I have done in a group session. The staff can put a smile on your face, even while my body is hurting. I can't wait until I get back there, if I miss a week, I feel like something is missing.
    Scoops C
  • Anonymous
    The Fighters Factory is an absolute gem of a place. No frills and no bulls**t. Just the place to go to get fit and sweat. Murray and his team will push you to your limits but keep it enjoyable. Far better than any gym spin or box fit classes. The place is like an old boxing movie but that just adds the authenticity of the place. If you are carrying a few extra pounds and want to lose them then I would recommend this place. You will sweat but have a great sense of satisfaction. You will also learn boxing techniques whilst working out. If you want to get serious about boxing the staff will accommodate you as well. There are no pretentious gym junkie people, and everyone is friendly. Don't worry if you are overweight or hopeless at skipping, etc. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity including kids and older people. Price of the classes is very reasonable. If you are serious about getting fit or losing weight, then get to this place. Even if you go for the just the one session, I promise you will not regret it.